Several municipalities across Romania, together with the private sector joined forces once again and lighted in purple their buildings and public landmarks on the evening of December, 3rd, marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

#PurpleNightRomania is a call to action developed by the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce each year, on the day of December 3rd, in order to send a strong message of support and awareness for the inclusion of almost 1 million persons with disabilities living in Romania.

The Purple Night initiative has become strongly supported by the private and public sectors, by the media and by citizens overall, with a growing interest from one year to another, as society becomes more and more aware of the disadvantages that the disabled are still facing, due to economic and social exclusion, unequal opportunities, lack of access to job offers, lack of proper mobility and accessibility in general to everyday life.

“For companies looking to hire, the pool of talent that includes persons with disabilities is an untapped gold mine. Not only do they represent a large labor resource already located in Romania that does not need to be brought from outside (in 2021 alone, around 100.000 workers were brought in Romania and hired, as stated by ANOFM), but they also bring skillsets that in many instances are better suited to certain types of work than those available in the larger workforce., Perry V. Zizzi, President of the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce, Managing Partner at Dentons Romania said.

Watch videos from the event here.

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For the 2022 Purple Night campaign, the following municipalities, companies, embassies and organizations in Romania lighted in purple their city halls buildings and other public landmarks, office buildings, lobbies or window screens: