Purple Night Romania 2023


The Purple Night Romania (PNR) campaign is a call to action developed by the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce each year and dedicated to celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The event, taking place on December 3rd, consists of supporting companies, authorities, and other entities lighting the outside of their buildings in purple,  in order to send a strong message of support and awareness for the inclusion of almost 1 million people with disabilities living in Romania.

The Purple Night Romania initiative has become strongly supported by the private and public sectors, by the media and by citizens overall, with a growing interest from one year to another, as society becomes more and more aware of the disadvantages that the disabled are still facing, due to economic and social exclusion, unequal opportunities, lack of access to job offers, lack of proper mobility and accessibility in general to everyday life.

2023 Highlights

Official Photo Album

We invite you to have a look over the 2023 photo album with a selection of pictures from all 76 participants. On the evening of 3rd of December 2023, 89 buildings and public spaces were lit in purple across Romania. Together with the buildings, 10 participants took other actions like wearing purple attire, purple tv screens and/or decorating the office spaces in purple.


We have created a playlist on our official YouTube channel with drone footage of several buildings in purple, from the evening of 3rd of December, 2023.

2023 Participants

How can I get
involved in 2024?

You can get involved in the Purple Night Romania 2024 by contacting us at andreea@rdcc.ro, letting us know about your interest to join the campaign. 

What if my building
is not technically equipped?

In addition to lighting the building in purple, we recommend other actions that can be implemented, in order to be considered a participant in Purple Night Romania campaign, like: wear purple t-shirts, ribbons, scarves at the office, place purple flags inside/outside your office and/or building, place purple screensavers to your lobby tv screens provided by RDCC. 

What are the
benefits of joining PNR?

  • Community Engagement: participation in the campaign demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility, fostering a positive relationship with the local community and its diverse members.

  • Increased Visibility: being part of the Purple Night Romania campaign can boost your visibility and reputation as a supporter of disability rights, attracting positive attention from the public, media, and potential partners.

  • Employee Engagement: involvement in the campaign can boost employee morale and satisfaction, as they take pride in working for an organization that supports such an important cause, potentially improving workplace culture.

  • Inclusive Image: demonstrating support for the disabled community can help create an image of inclusivity, which can positively impact customer and resident perceptions, potentially leading to increased loyalty and support.

  • Advocacy for Change: by joining the campaign, organizations and municipalities can actively advocate for policy changes that benefit people with disabilities, helping to create a more inclusive and supportive environment.

  • Long-term Impact: supporting awareness campaigns like Purple Night Romania contributes to a long-term shift in societal attitudes and behaviors towards disability, creating a more inclusive and compassionate society.

  • National Visibility: by taking part in the campaign, you will be featured in all RDCC’s  communication (pre & post press release, 2-months of social media campaigns and dissemination, online promotion and dedicated event page on RDCC website).

View past PNR campaigns below:

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Full photo album of 2022 campaign HERE (4 municipalities, 2 embassies, 1 ministry and 31 private companies all across Romania lighted in purple their city halls buildings and other public landmarks, office buildings, lobbies and window screens).

Watch drone footage of buildings lighted in purple: Dacia Business Center BucharestOne Cotroceni Park Bucharest by ONE United PropertiesMy Hive S Park BucharestMy Hive Metroffice BucharestBaneasa Airport Tower BucharestVIVO Shopping Mall ConstantaVIVO Shopping Mall Baia Mare.

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Full photo album of 2021 campaign HERE.