Discover the RDCC Supplier Diversity Program


At the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce (RDCC), we are dedicated to championing the cause of supplier diversity and inclusion. We firmly believe that a diverse supplier base brings a wealth of benefits to businesses, including fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a robust supply chain. With this in mind, we are fully committed to enhancing the involvement of underrepresented businesses in the procurement processes of our esteemed members, with a particular emphasis on supporting women- and minority-owned enterprises.

Our Program

The RDCC Supplier Diversity Program encompasses various supplier categories, each with its own distinct criteria:

1. Women-Owned Business Enterprises: any for-profit enterprise, regardless of its size, that is majority-owned, operated or controlled by one or more women.

2. Minority Business Enterprises: any for-profit enterprise, regardless of its size, that is majority-owned, operated, and controlled by one or more individuals belonging to a minority group, as defined by the applicable national regulatory framework and legislation.

In this context, “operated” signifies active involvement in the day-to-day management of the business, while “controlled” implies the ability to make significant decisions.

We have set our sights on creating Romania’s very first supplier diversity pool by targeting underrepresented supplier groups. Every diversity supplier in our program undergoes certification by the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce, ensuring their ongoing progress and effectiveness.

All participants in our Supplier Diversity program share our commitment to fairness and diversity. This commitment extends to providing increased opportunities for diverse businesses within their own supply chain. We are results-driven and place a strong emphasis on continuous improvement. As such, we encourage our suppliers to engage directly with various companies as subcontractors or suppliers.


Join the Initiative

If you are interested in being part of the Supplier Diversity Initiative or if your organization is seeking suppliers, partners, or collaborators from a more diverse pool of businesses, we invite you to get in touch with us at

Embrace the power of diversity and inclusion in your business ecosystem today with the RDCC Supplier Diversity Program.