AccessABILITY Expo is coming!

Welcome to the top event for the disability community in Romania

Take part in the inaugural AccessABILITY Expo, a landmark event set to redefine the landscape of disability inclusivity in Romania. This marks the first occasion where all stakeholders within the disability community will meet, creating a dynamic platform for collaboration, dialogue, and progress. AccessABILITY Expo is a catalyst for change, fostering a culture of accessibility and empowerment for the business environment and society as a whole.

September 27-29th, National Library of Romania

What to expect

Daily attendees

Our Focus Areas

Employment Opportunities

Providing ED&I-friendly employers with their solutions and policies for persons with disabilities.

Accessibility and Urbanism

Universal design principles in urban planning and architecture, ensuring that spaces are accessible to people of all abilities.

Well-Being & Health

Optimised healthcare solutions and psychological support for persons with disabilities.

Tech & Development

ESports, Gadgets, Digital Accessibility and Smart Solutions for inclusion and facilitation of daily life.

AccessABILITY Expo
AccessABILITY Expo Floorplan

Why take part

As the first-ever gathering of its kind in Romania, AccessABILITY Expo promises to unite all stakeholders in the disability community under one roof, providing a platform for collaboration, innovation, and progress. 

We offer a unique opportunity for your company to showcase its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, while also networking with like-minded individuals and organisations dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

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