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BRD Groupe Societe Generale is one of Romania’s major banks. It operates a network of 423 branches across Romania. Its total assets amounted, as of December 2023, at RON 81.4 Bn. BRD is part of Societe Generale, a top tier European bank with more than 126,000 employees serving about 25 million clients in 65 countries across the world. The Group runs three complementary sets of businesses, embedding ESG offerings for all its clients:

  • French Retail, Private Banking and Insurance
  • Global Banking and Investor Solutions
  • International Retail, Mobility & Leasing Services

As a social player, BRD invests in culture, education, technology and sport, supporting projects that build, develop, raise a new generation and bring long-term value. It is under this vision that Fundatia9 was created to coordinate the cultural journalism platform as well as cultural hub Rezidenta9 in Bucharest. In the field of education, BRD created, a journalism platform about education, and supports programs, ideas and projects in the sphere of innovation and technology. The newest journalism platform launched by BRD is Mindcraft Stories, which aims to open a conversation about discoveries in Romania and around the world, the way in which technology touches our lives, about artificial intelligence, robotics, medicine and more.