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Industry: Banking

Member since: December 2020

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Raiffeisen Bank, a leading universal bank with solid capitalization and liquidity, operates in the Romanian banking market and serves more than 2.2 million retail and corporate customers.

Raiffeisen Bank has been supporting the Romanian economy for more than 25 years, offering products and financial services tailored to the needs of its customers. With responsibility as a guiding principle, we contribute to the development of society by financing the real and sustainable economy. At the same time, we are involved in the community by supporting 5 pillars of development: education, urban ecology, sports as a healthy lifestyle, innovation, arts, and culture.

Since 2023, Raiffeisen Bank brings a new approach and perspective to banking services by launching “Banking 1:1”, an interactive way to create a financial plan for our customers using the Smart Finance application developed locally by the team in Romania.