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Since its creation in 2020, the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce (RDCC) has emerged as a leader in the Eastern European region, advocating for equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I).

As the RDCC prepares for its 3rd annual ED&I in Eastern Europe Conference, it continues its mission to advance ED&I principles across the dynamic landscape of Eastern Europe.


The conference serves as a platform bringing together professionals specializing in Diversity & Inclusion, HR and Talent Management, NGO Leaders, Government Representatives, Business Leaders, CEOs, Diversity Champions, Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leaders, and Legal Experts to further refine their workplace strategies and foster meaningful professional connections.

The conference will showcase an impressive lineup of 20 speakers from Romania and abroad, renowned for their expertise in ED&I. Attendees can anticipate engaging one-on-one interviews, enlightening case studies, dynamic panel discussions, interactive Q&A sessions, and ample networking opportunities. With this diverse and comprehensive program, participants will undoubtedly depart the conference feeling motivated and empowered to enact tangible change within their respective organizations.

Together, let us embark on this transformative journey toward a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Eastern Europe.

Registration before the event is required and only registered participants will be guaranteed a place. Further information will be sent out closer to the event.

Cannot attend? All talks are recorded so you can revisit or view at a time convenient to you on our YouTube channel!

Our 2024 Top Speakers

Topics to be explored include:

  • Learning to foster workplace inclusivity by embracing diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas to create a collaborative and supportive work environment.
  • Advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion in the workplace to ensure that employees feel respected, valued, and free to express their whole selves.
  • Prioritizing disability rights and accessibility measures in the workplace to ensure that all employees’ abilities can fully be used to the organization’s success.
  • Promoting gender equality involves eliminating biases and barriers to ensure that individuals of all genders have equal opportunities for advancement and recognition in the workplace.
  • Embracing seniority and age inclusion acknowledges the value of experience and diverse perspectives across different age groups, promoting a workplace that values employees at all career stages.
  • Active involvement in policy development and advocacy initiatives demonstrates an organization’s commitment to creating a fair and inclusive environment for all employees.
  • Advocating for workplace policies that support the development of individuals with disabilities and promoting awareness of their abilities.
  • Implementing policies that prevent age discrimination and promote an age-diverse workforce.
  • Identifying and eliminating systemic barriers that hinder marginalized groups from full participation.
  • Promoting gender-inclusive policies and practices to eliminate gender-based disparities.
  • Advocating for legislative changes that support inclusivity, equity, and diversity.
  • Exploring emerging trends and international insights for regional progress.
  • Celebrating Eastern European Cultures”: Actively celebrating and embracing diverse cultural identities in Eastern Europe by promoting cultural events, festivals, and initiatives that encourage cultural exchange programs and foster understanding and appreciation.
  • Cultural Exchange Initiatives: Engagement with local communities to understand their specific needs and concerns.
  • Collaborating for inclusive initiatives and amplifying efforts with diverse organizations.
  • Fair Representation for Marginalized Groups: Understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with multiple marginalized identities and advocating for inclusive policies that consider multiple dimensions of diversity.
  • Engaging in discussions to develop and implement effective policies and strategies for ED&I.

    Registrations are closed for this event

Our sponsors

Kaufland is one of Europe’s largest retail companies, with over 1,500 stores and 155,000 employees in 8 countries. Kaufland has had a presence in Romania since 2005. With over 17.000 staff and over 170 stores, Kaufland is one of the leading food retailers in Romania. The headquarters of Kaufland Romania is in Bucharest. Following the guiding principle “Kaufland enables everyone to buy good, healthy and sustainable products”, Kaufland hypermarkets, as full-range retailers, offer a wide selection of groceries and other products for all needs. The focus here is on the fresh food departments. The overall assortment includes brand-name articles, attractive private labels, regional products and a large number of articles that contribute to the protection of people, animals and nature. The companies of the Kaufland Group are also jointly committed to comprehensive environmental, climate and species protection. 

BRD Groupe Societe Generale is one of Romania’s major banks. It operates a network of 423 branches across Romania. Its total assets amounted, as of December 2023, at RON 81.4 Bn. BRD is part of Societe Generale, a top tier European bank with more than 126,000 employees serving about 25 million clients in 65 countries across the world. The Group runs three complementary sets of businesses, embedding ESG offerings for all its clients:

  • French Retail, Private Banking and Insurance
  • Global Banking and Investor Solutions
  • International Retail, Mobility & Leasing Services.

As a social player, BRD invests in culture, education, technology and sport, supporting projects that build, develop, raise a new generation and bring long-term value. It is under this vision that Fundatia9 was created to coordinate the cultural journalism platform Scena9.ro as well as cultural hub Rezidenta9 in Bucharest. In the field of education, BRD created Scoala9.ro, a journalism platform about education, and supports programs, ideas and projects in the sphere of innovation and technology. The newest journalism platform launched by BRD is Mindcraft Stories, which aims to open a conversation about discoveries in Romania and around the world, the way in which technology touches our lives, about artificial intelligence, robotics, medicine and more.

Through a fleet of locomotives and wagons impressive in number and performance, DB Cargo Romania, part of German Deutsche Bahn Group, operates in Romania since 2000 year.  The company is well-known as the railway operator that provides premium quality services,  reliable for customers, economically viable, safe for employees and attentive to the environment. DB Cargo Romania has motivated and qualified personnel disposed on the entire railway network in Romania.  Aiming to ensure future performance and success, the company is promoting a diverse workplace and invest in people’s career development, constantly.

Dentons Bucharest is one of the leading and oldest international law firms in Romania, with a presence of over 20 years on the local market. The office has over 30 lawyers with diverse seniority and specialized in various practice areas.

Our team combines international standards of services with an in-depth understanding of the local culture, the business environment and the local regulations. To clients we are trusted advisors, focused on comprehensive solutions and committed to offering a competitive edge while successfully completing deals, resolving disputes and solving business challenges.

As the world’s largest law firm, Dentons’ global team builds agile, tailored solutions to meet the local, national and global needs of private and public clients of any size in 198 locations serving 77 countries. “Polycentric™” is the concept that most accurately captures what differentiates Dentons from other more traditional law firms. It is a collective label for a set of values by which we organize ourselves and serve our clients.

Dentons Romania is Founding Member & Board Member of RDCC.

Philip Morris Romania (PMR) is an affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI), a company that transforms the tobacco industry to create a smoke-free future. The company’s vision is to replace cigarettes with low-risk products that – although not risk-free – are a much better choice than continuing to smoke.

In 1993, Philip Morris International established a local branch, and in 1997 started the construction of a factory in Otopeni. In its 30 years of activity, Philip Morris Romania has proven its role as a reliable partner of the Romanian state, and now we are fully committed to the mission of building, through innovation and research, a smoke-free Romania. In Philip Morris Romania, we build an inclusive culture and a diverse workforce by embedding capabilities, mindsets and behaviors within our leadership and learning curriculum. These include breaking down hierarchy, making sure different voices are heard and ensuring leadership styles are adapted to the needs of different employees. At company level we show empathy and care, building psychological safety, offering coaching, and understanding how bias may impact decisions and the views of others.

MyEcoBox is the first comprehensive recycling solution for everything in Romania developed by “Orasul Meu”, a local Non Profit Organization, committed to environmental protection.

From coffee capsules to plastic cutlery, to the entire contents of your bathroom, MyEcoBox is a turnkey, all-inclusive recycling solution for hundreds of typically non-recycled items. MyEcoBox program is convenient and easy to use, making it the perfect option for households, schools, businesses, manufacturing facilities, and events looking to offset their impacts and lighten their footprint.

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This conference serves as a pivotal platform where professionals from diverse fields such as Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources, Talent Management, NGO leadership, Government representation, Business leadership, CEO roles, Diversity advocactes, Employee Resource Group (ERG) leadership, and Legal experts converge to enhance their workplace strategies and cultivate valuable professional networks.

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