Become a Better Employer: Fostering LGBT+ Inclusion Through Activities and Policies

Become a Better Employer: Fostering LGBT+ Inclusion Through Activities and Policies

As Pride Month kicks off, we’re excited to celebrate LGBT+ inclusion and drive social change through impactful business strategies, policies, and initiatives. Here are some actionable steps to help your organization become more inclusive during Pride Month and beyond.


Recommendations from the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce on Supporting LGBT+ Identities in the Workplace:

  1. Develop and Implement Inclusive Policies:

Whether you’re an employer or a manager, crafting inclusive policies for your team is essential. Establish clear non-discrimination policies that enforce zero tolerance for harassment, prejudice, and discrimination against LGBT+ individuals. Aim to become a Certified ED&I friendly employer. Learn more about our certification program HERE.

  1. Enhance Understanding of LGBT+ Communities:

Discrimination often stems from a lack of knowledge and understanding. Engage in trainings, workshops, and events that educate about LGBT+ rights, their importance, and the reasons they are necessary. Join us on June 25th for a comprehensive conference on LGBT+ issues in the workplace.

  1. Recognize the Value of Inclusion:

Embracing LGBT+ inclusion isn’t just morally right; it’s also beneficial for your business. Inclusion brings diverse perspectives to your team, enhancing problem-solving abilities and adding value to your solutions.

  1. Support LGBT+ Friendly Events and Projects:

Encourage your team to participate in activities and events organized by local activist NGOs. Supporting the community and promoting diversity and inclusion through these events demonstrates your commitment.

  1. Amplify Your Support Publicly:

Use your social media platforms to advocate for LGBT+ rights and communicate your support. Your public statements are significant for the community and can educate and influence a broader audience on the importance of diversity and inclusion.


By integrating these practices, your organization can make a substantial impact on LGBT+ inclusion, fostering a more supportive and diverse workplace environment. Learn more about the Solutions we propose and Become an RDCC Member.