Inclusive Recruitment Conference 2023: Uniting Perspectives for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (video)

Inclusive Recruitment Conference 2023: Uniting Perspectives for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (video)

  • Championing inclusive recruitment is a pragmatic evolution necessary for organisational survival and growth
  • Embracing diversity in recruitment widens the candidate pool, fostering dynamism and igniting creativity within teams
  • The psychological component of the HR team is one of the first barriers, therefore addressing this through internal training is the solution to exclude biases and improve the hiring process
  • The transformative power of encouragement extended to minority employees amplifies unity and bolsters performance
  • Both the employer and the employee have to adapt and learn the cultural differences, to create a united and efficient team
  • Inclusive recruitment means appreciating the competencies of the employee and understanding the background, but keeping track of their performance in the first place 
  • Inclusivity as one of your core values helps both internal and business-to-business relationships
  • Biases come from fears and misunderstandings; proper communication between the HRs and management is the solution for implementing inclusive recruitment 
  • Taking the lead in your company and bringing the change towards ED&I is a bold step, and with the encouragement of your team, this goal is closer 
  • Creating a safe environment for all your employees, a space where they can be themselves and share their creativity at work is a way to progress

“Having a more diverse, inclusive workforce brings about more dynamism and creativity. You have different perspectives, different ideas. It is certainly in my profession as a lawyer, we are asked to help clients solve problems. And if we’re all thinking the same way, if we all have the same background, the same life experiences, our clients don’t benefit from the dynamism and creativity that they need. They’re not looking for the same solutions that everybody else gives. They want different solutions. And it’s the same really for any business. So problems and issues that you have to enhance competitiveness can be improved by having a more diverse and inclusive workforce,” Perry V. Zizzi, RDCC President and Dentons Romania Managing Partner, said.

The Romanian Diversity of Commerce held the Inclusive Recruitment Conference 2023 on October 3rd, an event that united professionals specialising in diversity, inclusion, HR and talent. The conference covered the inclusive recruitment topic through multifaced perspectives ranging from education and biases to best practices in the hiring process, retention strategies, and the integration of AI in recruitment. We are delighted to share with you some of the key points, main ideas and conclusions as well as words of wisdom from our expert speakers. 

To develop and make our clients or colleagues in our departments open to other categories, it is very important for us to first understand the real story of the person in front of us, present them as they are, and show the value they bring, what that person can bring to the organization. Beyond business matters, finances, sponsorships, and other aspects, it’s crucial for the consultant to understand and know the individual’s story, convincing the organization of the value they can provide. “ – Delia Moise, Recruiting Analyst, Kaufland Romania, commented. 

The Inclusive Recruitment Conference highlighted the importance of ED&I values at the workplace and ways to implement them, including in the hiring process. With real examples and powerful encouragement, the speakers discussed the integration of different minorities, including LGBT+, Roma, foreign workers, women, and persons with disabilities.

There needs to be assertive communication, transparency, and open discussions about hiring policies. The current generation, and likely the one to follow, is highly receptive to such initiatives. They want to participate and be part of this, which is extremely beneficial. So, the first thing to do is to openly express the desire to implement these changes and discuss the plan, strategy, and how they can get involved because they want to be engaged. From there, it’s all about logistics. 

Loreda Dragomir, HR Consultant

We had the pleasure and honour to host as speakers and panellists the following: Perry V. Zizzi (President of the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce, Managing Partner Dentons Romania), Estera Anghelescu (Director of Recruiting & Employer Branding, Kaufland Romania & Moldova), Delia Moise (Recruiting Analyst, Kaufland Romania & Moldova), Lucian Ivan (Global Head of People, Revolut), Gerard Koolen (Founder, Lugera), Loreda Dragomir (HR Consultant, Flavia Popa (General Secretary, BRD Groupe Societe Generale), Alina Ștefănescu (People Manager, TotalEnergies Global Service), Florentina Ciontea (HR & CSR Director, Sodexo), Ștefan Ilioaica (Trainer, AMAIS), Leonard Rizoiu (Leo HR, HR Expert), Alexandra Andrei (Head of Research, Communication & Social Media, Dare Digital), Raluca Dumitra (Head of Marketing, eJobs), Catalina Dobre (Founder, Mingle), Ana Ber (Managing Partner, Pendl & Piswanger), Alexandra Baltateanu (Cluster HR Manager, Marriott Hotels, Apex Alliance Hotel Management), Florin Godean (IOM Consultant), Oana Ilie (HR Director, Tazz), Daniela Niște (Deputy Director, Cornel Regman Daneș Secondary School, Mureș county), Sorina Donisa (President, AFSRU), Magdalena Vrăjitoru (HR Expert, Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania).

You learn by hearing stories and learning and unlearning what you’ve been taught. When you see a different context, have access, and speak with people who are visually impaired or have disabilities, you experience the best form of learning, surpassing everything else. Yes, training matters, tools matter, access to information matters, and the idea of activities matters, but exposure matters the most – creating opportunities for our colleagues and employees to openly discuss this matter.

Alina Ștefănescu, TotalEnergies People Manager 

Flavia Popa, Groupe Societe Generale; Ștefan Ilioaica, AMAIS; Leonard Rizoiu, Leo HR; Alina Ștefănescu, TotalEnergies Global Service; Florentina Ciontea, Sodexo

Ultimately, what we desire, and what the entire job market aims for, is a meritocracy. Everyone should have access to jobs without being labelled based on their age or any other characteristic, but at the same time, you have to demonstrate your competencies,” says Raluca Dumitra, Head of Marketing, eJobs.

The Inclusive Recruitment Conference stands as a pivotal event organised by the RDCC to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion. Through public awareness, open discussion, and tangible examples in Romania, our core mission is to foster a more equitable society for everyone. 

Championing inclusive recruitment strategies hinges on collaboration and a shared commitment to learning, adapting, and enhancing practices. Fostering an environment where all voices are not just heard, but valued, empowered, and provided with equitable chances to showcase their capabilities reinforces our conviction that true progress and advancement in workplaces are non-negotiable realities.

The conference was kindly sponsored by Kaufland Romania Access Program, Dentons, Orange, REDI, and MyEcoBox. 

Looking ahead, RDCC reaffirms its dedication to continue championing inclusive recruitment events in the upcoming year, extending an invitation for prospective sponsors to partake in this transformative journey towards workplace equality and diversity.

Get more  insights, innovative ideas and wise words discussed during the conference by watching the Inclusive Recruitment Conference 2023 online on our YouTube Channel: