Maria Radu, Fokker Romania: When fighting violence against women, lack of awareness is one of the main issues

Maria Radu, Fokker Romania: When fighting violence against women, lack of awareness is one of the main issues

The first step in businesses helping fight violence against women is creating awareness around the topic, says Maria Radu, Human Resources Officer, GKN Fokker Engineering Romania, in an exclusive interview for the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce. The interview is part of the Business Helps Stop Violence Against Women Campaign – and you can watch our webinar here.

What can businesses do to help stop violence against women?

There are many actions that can be actively taken to stop violence against women. The first step is to bring awareness among people regarding all forms of violence. Many of us are not yet aware of all forms of violence and abuse and change can only start with awareness. Following awareness, steps to promote physical and emotional safety should be next.

How should they go about doing that?

Businesses can facilitate presentations, resources, support groups and other awareness campaigns to their employees and community that can stimulate change.

What are the main obstacles and how can we tackle them?

The main obstacles are lack of awareness and our own resistance to change. 

What are some of the things Fokker Romania has done to support its female employees and equality in the workplace?

At GKN Fokker Engineering Romania, our number one value and priority is safety, both physical and emotional. We are each responsible for our own safety and the safety of everyone we work with. Protecting each other’s mental and emotional wellbeing is very important and we do not tolerate any harassment, bullying, discrimination, abuse, or violence.

Through our Connected Women Group, we pursue an environment where all women feel safe and supported in the pursuit of their careers.

When speaking about equality in the field of business, what are the pillars that FOKKER puts at the centre of its strategy in Romania and internationally?

As a global business, we are committed to not just treating everyone with respect and care, but to taking meaningful action to ensure safety, diversity, inclusion, and belonging throughout our business, every day. In addition to our commitment to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, we embrace the human attributes that make each of us unique, we value those attributes and their uniqueness, and we create an environment where everyone belongs and thrives.