The RDCC Welcomes Two New Board Members

The RDCC Welcomes Two New Board Members

The Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce has elected two new members to its Board of Directors and the re-election of three of its previous board members. Their addition further strengthens the RDCC commitment to promoting equality, diversity, inclusion in the Romanian business community, while generating positive impact in the wider society.

The new board members are:

  • Toni Iafrate, Chief Communications Officer, UiPath Romania, replacing Andreea Baciu, who has been an RDCC Board member on behalf of UiPath for the previous year;
  • Aurelia Luca, Executive Vice President Operations Hungary & Romania, representing the commercial development business unit of Skanska.

The two esteemed board members will be joining our re-elected President Perry Zizzi, Managing Partner of Dentons Romania, Serge Offers, Deputy CEO of ING Bank Romania, and Alina Rus, CFO of Raiffeisen Bank Romania. Estera Anghelescu, Recruiting & Employer Branding Director at Kaufland Romania & Moldova, is our new Vice President, while Alina Rus, CFO of Raiffeisen, will continue on as Treasurer.

The existing members, joined by the new ones, remain committed to advancing principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion within both the Romanian business and public sectors.

Toni Iafrate, the Chief Communications Officer at UiPath Romania, said:

Across the world, minorities continue to face different challenges, inequities, and forms of discrimination. I believe inclusion and diversity are not just problems to solve, but rather an enduring commitment to the pursuit of respect, belonging, and trust. And there is no intention of being done. If elected as a Board member of the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce, I believe we will accomplish extraordinary things, shaping the  world for the better. Inclusion is all of us. Everyone, every day.

Skanska, one of the world’s leading project development and construction groups, has recently joined the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce as a Corporate Member. We are honoured to have Aurelia Luca, Executive Vice President of Operations in Hungary & Romania for Skanska, on the Board.

Aurelia Luca added:

I strongly believe that building a better society should be a goal for every person, business and community. I know that megatrends such as urbanisation, digitalisation and finding smart solutions to material needs signal the development of societies and their economic growth, no doubt about that. But the most important marker of progress within society remains equity and fair treatment for all citizens. And this is where our country and our business sector have much to strive for. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to be one of the voices of the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce for the next two years, helping  to implement the Diversity & Inclusion which are so necessary for a modern society.

More details about the RDCC board members can be found HERE.

About the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce

The Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation that promotes the principles of diversity and inclusion in the Romanian business community. The RDCC is a forum for activities that bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including women, LGBTQ+, Roma, disabled and other minority groups and communities and business leaders. Our vision is to create a business organisation that promotes professional development opportunities, community resources and networking events. The RDCC also offers a certification program useful to multinational businesses that wish to ensure the diversity of their business partners.