Join us at the AccessABILITY Expo – sign up for details now!

Join us at the AccessABILITY Expo – sign up for details now!

Join us for the first edition of the AccessABILITY Expo, an event that will bring together all stakeholders in the disability space for the first time in Romania. This event aims to foster dialogue, share knowledge, and build partnerships to create a more inclusive society for everyone.

Save the date

September 27-29, 2024, at the National Library of Romania in Bucharest

Who you’ll meet at the AccessABILITY Expo

  • People with disabilities: Share your experiences, challenges, and successes.
  • Advocates and allies: Learn new strategies to support the disability community.
  • Business leaders and employers: Discover how inclusivity can drive innovation and growth.
  • Policymakers: Engage in policy discussions and contribute to shaping inclusive legislation.
  • Non-profit organisations: Network with other organisations and form impactful partnerships.
  • Educators and researchers: Gain insights into the latest research and educational strategies.
  • Health and social care professionals: Explore best practices for supporting individuals with disabilities.

Why you should attend

  • Engage in meaningful discussions about disability inclusion and accessibility
  • Learn from inspiring speakers and industry experts
  • Participate in interactive workshops, panels, and fun activities
  • Network with like-minded individuals and organisations
  • Discover innovative solutions and best practices for inclusivity

Why we’re putting on the AccessABILITY Expo

1 in 20 Romanians lives with a disability, yet their voices often go unheard. AccessABILITY Expo is a platform for sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and finding solutions together.

Perry Zizzi

As President of the Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce, I am immensely proud to invite all stakeholders in the disability community to the inaugural AccessABILITY Expo. 

This event marks a pivotal moment for Romania as we come together to foster inclusivity and support for individuals with disabilities. Romania has made significant progress in this space, but there is still so much work to be done! Your participation is essential in shaping a future where everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to thrive. Join us on this journey and be part of the change we all wish to see.

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